Haas essays

July 8, 2019
haas essays

Essays help us learn about who you are as a person and how you will fit with our community. We seek candidates from a broad range of industries, backgrounds, and cultures. Our distinctive culture is defined by four key principles - question the status quo, confidence without attitude, students always, and beyond yourself.

  the culture of haas is extremely important and valued in your essays, make sure you show how you will contribute to and enrich haas culture. Haas kept its optional essay, which continues to demonstrate haass commitment to understand your path and articulate how the events of your life have impacted you.

Describe a facet of your identity, background, or story that is essential to who you are. At berkeley haas, we believe that bringing together students with diverse backgrounds, mindsets, and life experiences fosters new and creative thinking.

One look at the first application essay question for the haas school of business at the university of california, berkeley this year may make applicants think the program has finally embraced the less-is-more movement in essays that so many other top schools have been joining lately.

To kick off the 2019-2020 application season, berkeley haas refreshed all three of its essay questions (two required, one optional). Gone is the tricky, hemingwayesque six-word story prompt and the invitation to describe your immediate post-mba career goal.

  haas has moved this from the essay section to the work experience section within the application, as well as cut the word limit in half. Still, it is a fairly standard career goals essay, requesting ones post-mba plans and how they will unfold to the long term.

Haas essay 1 what makes you feel alive when you are doing it, and why? (300 words maximum) there is a moment when a roller coaster has finally clanked its way to the top of the hill and is about to be dropped (but hasnt yet).

  try to connect to relevant elements of haas four principles without parroting them mindlessly.

The haas school of business at university of california berkeley is a highly selective school with a small class to fill. Namely, showing fit with the culture and program of the haas mba class is key. Berkeley haas has changed the required essays a bit this season.