Pathos essay

July 8, 2019
pathos essay

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Pathos offers a way for the audience to relate to the subject through commonly held emotions. However, it is important to determine when pathos will be useful and when it will only serve to muddy the argumentative waters. Take, for instance, a student who is writing an essay on human trafficking.

Use of pathos in writings on torture - torture is a loaded word. It conjures images in a readers mind of any number of horrors, physical and mental.

When a writer is appealing to the emotions of his readers, he is actually using pathos. In rhetorical arguments, knowing how to use pathos gives the writer the edge of swaying the emotions of his intended readers favorably to his side. This can be done mainly through the use of metaphors or passionate language.

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Logos is the use of logic to persuade the reader with statements containing rational principles. Facts, such as statistics, or anything that can be proven is an appeal to logos. Ethos is a plan of action using ethics which help define credibility, reliability,.

Pathos in an essay is an ability to evoke certain feelings in the audiences mind gs (e.).