Peter the great essay

July 8, 2019
peter the great essay

Tsar peter i, better known as peter the great lived an adventurous life from the year 1672 to the year 1725. Peter the great was an absolute ruler who reigned from 1682 to 1689. Peter the great had many goals, beliefs, and accomplishments that he achieved during this period of time.

, the half brother and joint tsar of peter, peter the great became an absolute monarch in russia, and one of the most famous rulers in history.

Peter the great, or peter l, was a man who introduced sweeping changes in russia during his reign, some that were great for his country, and others that lead to misfortune.

Enforced major military and domestic reforms that centralized russia and increased its function in europe. He centralized his power and revolutionized the function of the servant aristocracy.

On the other hand, peter the great was a leader who ruled the russian empire and steered the tsardom into becoming a huge empire which became a major european power. The efforts of louis xiv and peter the great to gain absolute control over their respective countries were strikingly similar,.

Better known as peter the great, he overthrew his half-sisters regime and took control of the state. At this time, russia was dealing with rapid expansion, yet it was still a very backwards country compared to the rest of europe.

Peter returned to moscow in november 1695 and began building a large navy.

He launched about thirty ships against the ottomans in 1696, capturing azov in july of that year.

Russia was ill-prepared to fight the swedes, and their first attempt at seizing the baltic coast ended in disaster at the.

After the battle near land, sweden made peace with all powers but russia by 1720.

Peter the great died on february 08, 1725 in saint petersburg, russia.