Sarcasm essays

July 8, 2019
sarcasm essays

Merriam-webster defines satire as a literary work that uses wit, irony, or sarcasm to expose and ridicule human vices or foolishness. Satire is most prevalent in literary works like books, poems, essays, songs, and even in films. Using satire in a literary piece is one way of showing ones humor creatively.

- the advantage of sarcasm sarcasm is a form of humor that uses sharp, cutting remarks or language intended to mock, wound, or subject contempt or ridicule, generally saying the opposite of what the statement really is (oxford).

In the digital age emojis can make it easier to get the right tone across, but how do you write sarcasm that comes across as sarcasm and not you being an arse without using emojis? How to write sarcasm timing matters. Theres nothing worse than a poorly-timed joke, and sarcasm is no exception.

Sarcasm has been used as a literary device, or a writing technique used to help get an idea across, for as long as people have been writing stories. Writers of books, screenplays and comedy sketches often employ sarcasm as a way to develop a characters personality.

Be very aware that sarcasm is one of the most difficult emotions to convey in written (on-line) form - i see examples on a daily basis where sarcasm is not picked up by people on discussion forums and the like, which can lead to sometimes very annoying, weird or unpleasant situations.